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Em Jungle Heat

Okay, watch the above exclusive Survivor preview showing the Survivor: Kaoh Rong event 4 resistance challenge in which participants have to run-through obstacles and search through sand for bags. We’ve seen it dozens of times before.

No big deal, right?


CBS has actually released a second video, seen below. That is 45 mins later on. All hell has broken free.

Survivor’s health group has to will a number of castaways who have collapsed when you look at the triple-digit temperature. It seems like chaos.

But right here’s the thing. We understood this is coming. Once the period started, number Jeff Probst chatted to PEOPLE towards brutality for the entire season – and of this challenge specifically.

What are the conditions fancy nowadays?
We’ve never ever had a season that punished the people such as this period. The heat is oppressive.

Did which come as a shock?
There’s always a good technique us to gauge how difficult the summer season is likely to be, and that’s how the crew members do before taping. And we lost more staff users this season than any other period. So when we say lost, I mean team people who'd to-be repaid toward says to get treatment.

Treatment plan for just what?
Most of those originated in attacks that got actually bad. I would you like to describe. Whenever I state illness, in your head, you imagine, ‘An infection? I’ve gotten attacks. They aren’t that bad.’ But once you’re into the jungle, contamination becomes lethal extremely fast. We'd crew people who'd infections cut out simply because they had spread so quickly and so they had a need to manage it.

I know. Wow.

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So performed which make you nervous?
It performed. It had been not a simple 39 times. It was so very hard that We spent every one of my time and all of my evening monitoring the air, merely to track the thing that was taking place in the coastline, which is not regular. Usually I’m not checking in at all because things 're going good. The conditions had been therefore hard that everyone had been on large alert for the whole time.

But isn’t there a stress this will ruin the tv show? If everyone is using their power to survive, there won’t be method or a social game.
No, that is not necessarily the way i'd put it. When you've got harsh conditions, specially heat that drains you, it impacts the gameplay. It cann’t take it off; it changes it. It’s another obstacle they need to over come. It will make the game much more volatile. People have reduced fuses. They’re less in a position to go six moves ahead; they need to think simply two or three moves forward.

Does the heat affect every person?
There’s always some body in part, sitting into the color, saying, ‘I’m doing just fine. Heat does not arrive at me. I’m gonna dominate.’ There are positively really big moves and gameplay. There are lots of real betrayals coming up.

How exactly does the warmth influence difficulties?
Lots of what we do is pretty easy – feel the obstacles, discover the puzzle pieces, do the problem. If you are comfortable and well-rested, that needs to be a piece of cake. But it’s perhaps not 75 degrees away, and you’re perhaps not rested and fed. So abruptly, you’re struggling in 100-degree heat to do something that you could do one hundred times at home. That’s what we see. it is not that the challenge is intense; it's that challenge with the temperature is intense. In addition they fall like flies.

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So let’s pretend which you, Jeff Probst, are playing this game in the heat. Would these circumstances make you play much more conservatively?
No. I know it is hot. I'm sure it is miserable and you are uncomfortable. However’ve got play this video game hard. In case the motive is always to play conservatively, you can most likely do this and get to the last five. It is possible to go home and brag towards buddies that you made if far, but you’re perhaps not likely to win.

I’m not interested in sacrificing 39 days of my entire life and getting my ass ruined so I can tell individuals who i did so pretty well. I want to win, or I wish to go-down swinging. Those are the men and women I seek out from the tv show.

I'dn’t want to put one thing on my mantel and inform my children, ‘Yeah, did performed pretty well and made the final seven.’ Screw that! Your dad swung the fence and struck on – or he swung for the fence and won.

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