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Given that 2015 season drew to a detailed, our data experts had been having to pay close attention to the vision control strategies used by each of the most useful League of Legends groups in the world.

Inside post, we'll make use of heatmaps to assess just how groups and regions played the vision online game when you look at the team stages associated with the 2015 World Championship. Ideally, we are able to provide a window into how the best groups in your area establish eyesight control and how that piles up to various other areas. Which knows—maybe you will discover some information to bring your own play to the next level.

  • SK Telecom T1

  • KOO Tigers

What is a heatmap?

Heatmaps tend to be two-dimensional representations of information where values are represented by colors; they truly are really good at summarizing big and complex information units. They are frequently familiar with realize a person’s focal interest on a pc display screen, or track mouse behaviors in UI design.

In this case, it allows us to quickly visualize and start to interpret the 11, 000 wards dropped on Summoner’s Rift through the 49 games played through the Worlds 2015 group phase. To come up with these maps, we collected the coordinate opportunities of every ward placed and plotted each one of these things on a grid how big Summoner’s Rift. We plopped each ward down on its corresponding (x, y) place on the minimap, then smoothed the circulation of wards. Clumps of wards placed in close proximity to one another generate a "hot area" on the map. The hotter the spot is, the larger percentage of total wards were put truth be told there.

Warding by Area: Blue Side

  • INTL Wildcard

  • United States

  • European Countries

  • Korea

  • China

  • Taiwan

Playing from the blue side, groups from KR had been in general much more distributed using their ward placements, tending to distribute their wards out and never dedicating an enormous amount of these wards to virtually any one destination (which will be indicated by purple regarding the heatmap). It was associated with a lot of wards deeply in to the enemy jungle and part lanes—probably a mix of deliberate method and a reflection that Korean teams typically swung games in their opt to spend more time in enemy area.

NA and the Overseas Wildcard (IWC) regions put weightier emphasis on vision around Baron and Dragon.

Comparatively, NA and Overseas Wildcard (IWC) regions placed weightier emphasis on eyesight around Baron and Dragon in comparison to KR, recommending a heavier total emphasis on these objectives in their general warding strategy. Remember that this doesn't necessarily mean that Korean teams placed a lot fewer wards around Baron, exactly that an inferior overall proportion of their wards had been put indeed there, in comparison to groups from NA or IWC.

Wards by Side: Earn vs Loss

  • Blue Side Win

  • Red Side Earn

  • Blue Side Loss

  • Red Side Reduction

Overall, winning teams drive their ward lines to the enemy forest.

Generally, winning groups press their ward lines into the opponent forest, and losing groups put even more concern on defending their particular grass or warding around neutral targets. This likely reflects an effort to gain control of those areas to perform on riskier strategies in the Baron and Dragon pit while a team is behind. These plays can begin to swing some momentum into the dropping team’s benefit.

Teams from NA and IWC had even more losings overall through the group phases, so their warding habits tend to be significantly overrepresented in dropping team heatmaps (and an identical story is informed for KR teams and winning group heatmaps).


Thus far, we’ve just discussed areas and edges, exactly what about our favorite teams? We’ve built heat maps for each group through the group stages due to their games on Red and Blue side. Pick your two favorite groups and compare them. Use the same staff to check out how their warding patterns differ between Red and Blue side. Compare what you may wish, simply ADHERE COMPLETE HEART.

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