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swtor-4.0-pyro-powertech-openerSWTOR 4.0 Pyrotech Powertech PvE Guide by Kwerty.

Introduction to AP Powertech

Reeling across current AP Nerfs? Wish your PT to pull competitive numbers in battles where transportation, explosion harm, and survivability aren’t a problem? Love throwing fire every where? After that Pyro is the spec for you personally!

Pulling competitive numbers, as well as having exceptional AoE harm and interestingly great target swapping for a DoT spec, Pyrotech happens to be the best spec for a PT, if the right problems be satisfied.

Before we go forward, I’d prefer to suggest you have the Sundered and Assailable debuffs accessible to your raid group, since without them AP will likely be much better than Pyro (Sundered, Pyro should come forward, nevertheless the bonus from sundered provided by AP will be a lot better than the bonus from speccing Pyro)

Defensively however, you need to be mindful. Due to deficiencies in the 30% AoE harm reduction utility, your main protective is from Kolto Overload, though due to the passive automatic Defenses, this is certainly up every minute or more, and even though its active you may be essentially immortal.

Solitary Target Damage: 7/10

Getting on middle associated with the pack, Pyro’s figures could positively be better, but through its excellent AoE and having some advantages similar to (though perhaps not inside severe extent of) AP means that you can contend with other, higher doing procedures particularly Marauders or Mercenaries.

AoE harm: 9/10

Yeah its maybe not a Marksman or Engineering sniper just who gets a stupidly effective 8m radius AoE without a cooldown, but what it does have is a really powerful flamethrower that places a 15 2nd lengthy DoT effect on every little thing it hits. Hence can get rather ridiculous.

Burst Damage: 7/10

Despite having over 20percent of the harm tied up in DoT results, Pyro is surprisingly bursty. Having an auto-crit every 15 moments on Rail Shot, along with the effective offensive cooldowns of Explosive gas and Shoulder Cannon, Pyro is a passable spec when rush damage is necessary.

Raid Utility: 7/10

With accessibility a taunt, a low cooldown on Kolto Overload, and a lowered cooldown on Sonic Rebounder, Pyro features usage of a respectable amount of raid energy. However, it does not have accessibility any effective debuffs such as for instance Assailable or Sundered, so when acting as an off-tank you can easily only pull it off for around 8 moments just before melt, therefore hold that in mind when going in as Pyro.

Survivability: 7/10

While it does retain the Heavy armor and much better defensives supplied by the discipline of AP, Pyro is lacking the all-important AoE harm decrease. As such, you need to be additional mindful around specific AoE hits, as people that could do half your health in AP will virtually kill you outright in Pyro. No matter, Pyro’s survivability in PvE is fairly good, and never anything to appear upon them about despite the insufficient AoE harm decrease.

Stance and Fundamental Equipment Summary

As a DPS, one of the biggest things that impacts your result is the method that you create your personality upfront. As such, you should make sure you have the after:

  1. Ensure that your character is using Combustible petrol Cylinder. This may trigger your assaults to ignite the target, also enable some your procs.
  2. Get the accuracy to 100per cent. This requires a little over 680 score
  3. Be sure you are employing a set extra. The higher the rating the higher, however you definately require the 6-piece fight tech’s set extra due to the huge increase in potential it offers. Worst case scenario, grab a set extra through the PvP supplier (rating 204), whilst the bonus can fill staying slots through the 216/220/224 gear.
  4. Stay away from improvement from MK-4 gear (Common/Glowing/Radiant data crystals gear). THESE ARE A TRAP. The excess wellness is not well worth the loss in energy. 198 enhancements which can be correctly itemized tend to be a lot better than the improvements from score 220 equipment for radiant information crystals
  5. Along with that at heart, usage Critical, Alacrity and Accuracy Augments. These are a lot better than Mastery or energy augments.
  6. For relics? Get a Serendipitous attack relic, and a concentrated retribution relic. The crafted score 186 things is truly much better than the things from Radiant Data Crystals supplier, so go looking for those of you if you can’t get a better one. You can try for a Devastating Vengeance, though because does not have because big a good start since the SA/FR, it really is slightly worse and requires a significantly different gearing strategy We haven’t actually looked in to.
  7. Finally, you intend to have around 2 alacrity to each and every 3 Crit Rating you have got. Doing this provides you with approximately the actual quantity of Crit and Alacrity that you want

More detailed Gearing

Generally, i’d possess some graphs here to spell out how-to precisely gear and just how the crit/alacrity bend. But as i’ve been procrastinating constantly getting this away, those graphs are coming Soon™. Therefore, have some numbers.

These figures had been created by Bant over on SWTOR forums, in which he makes use of a similar approach to the things I performed with past iterations of the guide.

Observe that these figures believe all of the equipment is acquired through Tokens (not data crystals!), meaning its actual best-in-slot gear, as opposed to the traps provided by data crystal equipment.

Also note there's a reasonable little bit of leeway in these figures, being able to go around 200 points in a choice of path for Crit/Alacrity before a noticeable modification happens to DPS.

(E = Enhancement, A = Augment, C = Amazingly)

216 equipment:

  • 2639 Power
  • 1140 Vital (6xE, 2xA, 2xC)
  • 803 Alacrity (11xA)
  • 681 precision (4xE, 1xA)

220 equipment:

  • 2779 Power
  • 1174 crucial (5xE, 4xA, 2xC)
  • 845 Alacrity (3xE, 5xA)
  • 685 Accuracy (2xE, 5xA)

224 equipment:

  • 2931 Energy
  • 1214 important (5xE, 4xA, 2xC)
  • 869 Alacrity (3xE, 5xA)
  • 701 Accuracy (2xE, 5xA)



  • Pneumatic Boots – Increases action rate by 15percent
  • Gyroscopic Allignment Jets – Whenever you are stunned, imobilized, knocked down or incapacitated, you vent 10 temperature
  • Reflective Armor – Whenever near and personal activates within 10m regarding the individual that activated it, you deal minor elemental damage as recoil
  • Supressive Tools – Flame Burst and Flame Sweep slow all enemies they hit by 30per cent
  • Bracer Propellant – Increases the array of Flame Burst by 2m additionally the radius of flame brush by 1m
  • Engulfing Flames – Flame Sweep does 25per cent even more damage
  • Iron Will – Reduces the CD of Hydraulic Overrides by 10 seconds together with CD of determination by 30 seconds
  • Neural Delay – Neural Dart slows the prospective through the duration of the taunt.

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