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Support of Special Operations

The environment greatly impacts combat operations. Functions cannot be ended because of rain, snow, ice, severe heat, decreased water, or harsh terrain. Certain areas around the globe combine several among these circumstances. These conditions present unique dilemmas to army functions. In this part, four environments most frequently encountered tend to be described. They're mountains, jungles, deserts, and north environments.

And battling in these conditions, certain types of operations need special preparation and tactics. Chief among they are airborne, environment attack, night, and lake crossing operations and operations in metropolitan landscapes. This section describes these kind of businesses and how Stinger enables you to help all of them.


Mountains of military significance are characterized by durable, compartmented surface with high slopes and few all-natural or man-made lines of communication. The current weather is normally regular varying from extreme cool to cozy temperatures. Rapid, extreme alterations in weather condition aren't uncommon in mountainous terrain. The wind may present difficulty. In cold temperatures, the wind chill aspect significantly escalates the chance of frostbite. Winds are accelerated when required over ridges and peaks or when converged through passes and canyons.

Above a height of 2, 500 yards, acclimatization is necessary. Acclimatization is complete only if personnel realize their particular limitations while the restrictions imposed to their gear. After months in increased altitude environment, 70 per cent of sea level work ability standards can be achieved. The results of high-altitude on unacclimatized workers tend to be increased errors in performing simple psychological functions, reduced capability for suffered focus, deterioration of memory, decreased vigilance, enhanced irritability, and self-evaluation impairment.

There are several health risks that you can get in mountainous climates.


Due to the rarified atmosphere at high altitudes, much more direct sunlight hits the earth than at sea level. Inside snowy problems common in mountainous areas, snowfall loss of sight can become problematic. Snow reflects about 75 per cent of this sun's rays. This, plus the increased power associated with the rays of the sun, can overload the eyes. Snow blindness is normally short-term. However, employees with severe situations might completely handicapped for many days. Snow loss of sight may be precluded by making use of snowfall goggles or sunglasses which completely cover the eyes.


Frostbite is a consistent danger if the wind is strong due to the wind chill aspect. The face, specifically, must certanly be protected from large winds and prop blast. Perspiring excessively needs to be avoided. The buddy system is essential once the threat of frostbite exists.


Inside rarified atmosphere at large altitudes, sunburn is problematic. A critical case of sunburn can disable one for a number of days.


Although generally connected with wilderness climates, dehydration can happen in mountainous climates and. Personnel frequently cannot take in as much liquid because they require. Use of good fresh fruit flavoring usually helps. Leaders must, however, track their personnel closely for signs of dehydration.

Mountainous terrain provides special challenges to military functions. A few of the actual faculties with this environment which impact operations are rugged peaks, high ridges, deep ravines, and valleys; restricted roads of communication; extremely changeable climate; as well as the availability of all-natural address and concealment.

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